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I’ve decided to rebrand to

So, why the change?

When I came up with the idea for, I think I was being a bit short sighted (like a lot of website owners when they first get started out). The original idea for was to test and review lenses to give photographers enough practical information to use when purchasing glass for their cameras.

After all, the lens is the most important piece of equipment when it comes to getting good image quality – more important than the camera itself.

So I have no problem with the original idea I had to build a site around lenses. But in the end, I just got to the point where I found the concept far too narrow than I’d like.

Gear is great and it obviously is what allows us to do photography in the first place. But photography should not be limited to just gear. When I think of what makes photography great, it’s all about images that are thought-provoking or have some sort of emotional impact.

In short, it’s about the images we create with our gear, not the gear itself. While gear is great and cool to talk about and exciting to keep up with the technology of it, there’s so much more to photography than just that.

So that’s why I decided to change directions a bit with the site. The site will have not just gear reviews but also be an educational destination for learning photography techniques and even just the photography experience in general. will still be loaded with informative gear reviews and buying guides. That much won’t change. But I intend on expanding the site to include much, much more than that.

If it’s about photography and it’s worth mentioning, it’ll be covered on That may mean talking about tried and true photographic techniques or the latest news and technology coming out of the photography industry.

And not only that, but we’ll also focus on the business of photography. As photographers, we’re creative people. And much of us we’d much rather be out shooting than cooped up working on the business side of things. Or we’re just not strong in regards to business.

You may be looking to take your photography to a professional level but you’re being held back by the business side of it. We’re gonna talk about that – through articles, interviews and case studies.

I plan on making the go-to resource for learning photography – regardless of what type of photography you’re into. I’ll be doing plenty of writing and photographing myself, but I’ll also be bringing more photographers and writers into the fold to add different styles and perspectives to the site.

That’s one of the great things about photography – it’s completely subjective. I make not like your style and you may not like mine.

In fact, you may think my photography style is total crap (even though you’d be totally wrong to think so :p) – and that’s ok.

So in order to reflect that, there’s gonna be some more voices around here soon.

And that’s what this rebranding is really all about:

Things are changing around here, and the change in name from to is intended to reflect that. There’s a lot in store for this site – so check back for updates and get involved in the community.

Thanks for reading, welcome to the new and I look forward to sharing and interacting with you through this medium.

Not sure where to start on this site? Check out our how-to articles here, or our gear reviews here.

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Brandon Ballweg

Brandon Ballweg is a photographer from the Kansas City area. He is the founder of ComposeClick.

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