36 Product Photography Hashtags

Product photography images of two camera lenses

Getting into product photography isn’t easy, even if you already have a great portfolio. But once you get going with it, it can be a great way to add another type of photography to your business or even make an entire business out of just doing product photography. Many product photographers enjoy it because you …

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87 Macro Photography Hashtags for Promoting Your Macro Portfolio

Macro image of a purple leaf with water droplets on it

Amazing things can be done with macro photography. If you have an impressive macro photography portfolio but you don’t yet have a big following on social media, using macro photography hashtags can help you start growing a bigger audience. Here you’ll find the best macro photography hashtags for promoting your work. #MacroPhotography #MacroPhotographyLove #MacroPhotographyLover #MacroPhotographyLovers …

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67 Flower Photography Hashtags

Image of a yellow sunflower in a field

Flower photography brings joy to people all around the world. People use flower photography as their computer and phone backgrounds all the way to framing it on their wall in their homes to have something beautiful to look at on their wall. People are always looking for beautiful flower photos for various reasons. By using …

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69 Concert Photography Hashtags

Image of people holding their hands up at a concert

Are you a concert photographer looking to get your work out to a larger audience? The hashtags you’ll find on this page can help you do that if you use them consistently when posting to your social media accounts. Using hashtags aren’t a quick fix for establishing a concert photography business, but they do play …

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64 Documentary Photography Hashtags for Building a Bigger Audience

Documentary photo of a woman selling vegetables at a market

Documentary photography is one of the most interesting types of photography in my opinion. It takes a lot of work and not having much of an audience to share it with when you start makes it feel like you’re not getting the recognition you deserve. By consistently using documentary photography hashtags when you publish your …

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48 DSLR Photography Hashtags for Promoting Your DSLR Images

Image of a person holding a DSLR camera on a street

Looking to get your DSLR photography out to a wider audience? On this page, you’ll find loads of DSLR photography hashtags to connect with people. Best DSLR Photography Hashtags #DSLR #DSLRPhotography #DSLRPhoto #DSLRPhotos #DSLRPic #DSLRPics #DSLRPhotographer #DSLRPhotograph #DSLRPicture #DSLROfficial #DSLR_Official #DSLRLover #DSLR_Official #DSLRCamera #DSLRClick #DSLRVideo #DSLRFilmMaking #DSLRShoot #DSLRPhotography❤️📷 #DSLRCanon #DSLRNikon #DSLRLove #DSLRLover📷 #DSLRCollective #DSLRCrew #DSLR📷 …

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69 HDR Photography Hashtags for More Dynamic Followers

HDR photo of a lake, pine trees, and a blue sky with white puffy clouds

If you do HDR photography, you may be wondering how you can get your work out to a bigger audience and maybe even become the next big Trey Ratcliff. Everybody’s got to start somewhere and many photographers who have built up a big social media following had a lot of help from using hashtags along …

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57 Headshot Photography Hashtags for Shooting Ahead of the Pack on Social Media

Black and white headshot of a brunette woman looking off camera

Looking to boost your headshot photography business? One way to do it is by using headshot photography hashtags that people search for on Instagram and other social media sites. On this page, you’ll find the best headshot photography hashtags for getting a leg up on the competition. Best Headshot Photography Hashtags #Headshot #Headshots #HeadshotPhotographer #HeadshotPhotographers …

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31 Event Photography Hashtags

Image of a camera set up on a tripod for event photography

If you’re an event photographer, you know the hustle it takes to get consistent event photography work — it can be a grind. One of the easy wins you can get is by adding event photography hashtags to social media when you publish your work. On this page, you’ll find the best event photography hashtags …

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113 Wedding Photography Hashtags to Connect With Engaged Clients

Image of a couple leaving their wedding ceremony

If you’re starting out in wedding photography or if you’re at any point in your wedding photography career, you know what a challenge it can be to attract clients. Using wedding photography hashtags is far from having a totally comprehensive marketing strategy, but it definitely can give you a boost when used consistently on your …

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74 Night Photography Hashtags for Lighting Up Social Media

Image of a sand dune in a desert with a night sky and stars in the background

Looking to shine a light on your night photography work? In this article, you’ll find the best night photography hashtags for getting your night photography work noticed. Best Night Photography Hashtags #NightPhotography #NightPhotographyPros #NightPhotography_Exclusive #NightPhotographyWorkshops #NightPhotographyExclusive #NightPhotographyNightLights #NightPhotographyCaptures #NightPhotographyWeek #NightPhotography📷 #NightPhotography_ #NightPhotography_excl #NightPhotography🌙 #NightPhotographyTours #NightPhotographyz #NightPhotographyy #NightPhotographySeries #NightPhotographyArt #NightPhotographys #NightPhotographyr #NightPhotographyAtNight #NightPhotographyPro #NightPhotographyLovers #NightPhotography🌌 #NightPhotography_BW …

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62 Adorable Newborn Photography Hashtags

Image of a newborn baby with a hat on sleeping in a basket with a stuffed animal bear

Newborn photography hashtags can be used to get your (you guessed it) newborn photography work out there to people who are interested in it. In this article, you’ll find the best newborn photography hashtags to help you build a following and attract some clients. Best Newborn Photography Hashtags #NewbornPhotography #NewbornPhotographyProps #NewbornPhotographyProp #NewbornPhotographyStudio #NewbornPhotographyDotCom #NewbornPhotographyWorkshop #NewbornPhotographyAward …

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61 Landscape Photography Hashtags for Landing New Followers

Image of a landscape with mountains and a blue lake with sun shining through clouds

You may have some great landscape photography work under your belt but it can be frustrating not to have much recognition for your work. Social media is a good place to start showcasing your work and building up a following. You can get a little boost to your followers and have your work seen by …

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22 Reasons Why I Love Street Photography

Street photography image of people in front of a map mural

The point of street photography is lost among many people, even by photographers who shoot other genres. Street photography is one of my great passions in life. But why? That’s what I’ll be talking about in this piece. These are the reasons why I love street photography. 1) It’s an Artistic Outlet Street photography is …

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Photography as an Art Form

Photography as an art form

From the moment photography was invented in 1839 to the middle of the last century, a heated debate has raged on whether it is a form of art, or simply a way of using an optical-mechanical contraption to document reality. Now we know that photography is indeed an art form, moreover, its unique features make …

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What Photography Means to Me [After 30+ Years in The Field]

Cover image of a bright white moon against a black dark night sky by photographer Dana Crandell

Every once in a while, someone asks me why I spend my time looking at the world through a viewfinder. I’ve even heard comments like, “It’s not like it’s really art, right?” What’s interesting is that explaining what drives me to do what I do isn’t as easy as it sounds. It isn’t that I …

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Photography Categories List for Photographic Inspiration

image showing old camera and case for post about photography categories list

We all need a starting point or some inspiration at times when it comes to photography.

So whether you’re starting out and want to know what types of photography you could do or you need a spark to get you motivated to try out a new form of photography, this photography categories list should give you some ideas to work with.

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Best Photography Websites From Around the Web

Guy shooting a landscape photo in the middle of a desert canyon

When it comes to photography, you can learn pretty much everything you need to know on the Internet—for free. The thing is, though, is that all the photography information is spread out all over the Internet, making it hard to find and decipher the best ones out there. Sometimes the best photography websites for whatever reason don’t make it to the top of the search engines, at least if it’s a relatively new site.

I’ve been around the photography scene for some years now and learned the majority of what I know about photography from completely free sources on the Internet and good old fashioned trial and error. I thought I’d give back to the photography community and help people find good sources of information and inspiration for whatever type of photography you may be interested in.

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