Best Aperture for Portraits: Perfecting Depth of Field in Portrait Photography

Image of a portrait of a group of friends as an example of the best aperture for portrait photography

When shooting portraits, whether they’re of friends, family, or clients, it’s important to get the most flattering photographs possible. Using apertures creatively can lead to some impressive shots, but there’s also an art to knowing when to use which settings. That’s why portrait photographers need to understand the effects of using different apertures; to learn …

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Creative Portrait Photography: Adding a Unique Twist to Portraits

Image of a pinhole portrait

Creative portrait photography comes in many forms. From a simple touch of color grading for a more cinematic look to elaborate post-work creating a contemporary piece of conceptual art, the umbrella is huge and the sky of imagination is the limit. In the end it’s all about adding a little, or more depth to your …

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