The Purpose of Camera Lens Hoods & Why You Should Use Yours

image of a canon lens with a petal lens hood for blog post about the purpose of camera lens hoods

If you just bought your first camera kit, you may be wondering what the plastic thing is that came with your lens. Maybe you’ve been doing photography for a while and even have been using your lens hood but haven’t questioned why. The downside to lens hoods is that it’s another piece of gear that …

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57 Street Photography Tips for Better Street Shots

Cover image for street photography tips article

Street photography is a great way to capture the everyday beauty around us. It’s a form of documentary photography where the photographer captures candid moments from everyday life. Street photos are typically taken in urban environments such as city streets, parks, and other public spaces.  I’ve been doing street photography for almost a decade now …

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Underexposed Street Photography: Here’s How & Why I Do It

Cover image for street photography tips article

If you’re a fan of street photography, you may have noticed that underexposed street photography can be really compelling. It’s a spin on reality that doesn’t look overdone or cliché, like with HDR or overly-Photoshopped photography. In other types of photography, it’s more common to raise exposure and shadows in post. But in street photography, …

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What’s the Best Aperture for Street Photography?

Camera lens set to the best aperture for street photography

Your choice of aperture for street photography is one of the main elements that will determine the look and feel of your images. That’s because it affects your depth of field or how much of your photo is in focus. Having creative control over my field is important as a street photographer, so choosing the …

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Street Photography Aperture Priority: When and How to Use It

Image of an aperture on a camera lens for article on street photography aperture priority mode

Street photography is an amazing outlet for photographic creativity. But one thing that can get in the way sometimes is keeping up with your camera settings to get the correct exposures. In street photography, moments are fleeting and pass in the blink of an eye, so obviously, you want to have your camera settings ready …

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Best Aperture for Portraits: Perfecting Depth of Field in Portrait Photography

Image of a portrait of a group of friends as an example of the best aperture for portrait photography

When shooting portraits, whether they’re of friends, family, or clients, it’s important to get the most flattering photographs possible. Using apertures creatively can lead to some impressive shots, but there’s also an art to knowing when to use which settings. That’s why portrait photographers need to understand the effects of using different apertures; to learn …

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Night Street Photography: Gear, Camera Settings, Techniques

Night Street Photography

Shooting street photography at night can make compelling images, but it’s also very challenging. Obviously, the biggest challenge is that you have less available light to work with. Low light can make it difficult to get proper exposures, and your camera’s autofocus may struggle. Regardless, there are ways to overcome these challenges through your gear …

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What is a 35mm Lens Good For?

Featured image for article on what 35mm lenses are good for

35mm is my personal favorite focal length for photography. It’s wide but not overly so—in many scenarios it’s just wide enough. It also has an uncanny ability to make intimate and personal images. So what is a 35mm lens good for? That’s what I explore in this article. Street Photography The 35mm focal length is …

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Street Photography: Is it Ethical?

Image of kids on subway laughing with text overlay saying 'street photography ethics'

If you’re a street photographer or thinking about getting into, you’ve probably wondered to yourself about the ethics of street photography. It’s only natural to question something that can make you feel uncomfortable at times—and you may notice you’ve caused someone else to feel uncomfortable at some point or another. It begs the question: is …

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How to Remove Light Pollution in Astrophotography

Astrophotography image of two photographers looking up at the stars with their camera on a tripod

Ah space, the final frontier, these are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise… Oh no, we’re not in the 24 century just yet—we’re still far from being able to travel across the stars like the crew of the USS Enterprise did, but don’t feel sad, there is a way in which we can all travel …

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Some Thoughts on Street Photography Etiquette

Street photography image of young woman on beach

Street photography etiquette is a tricky subject. It’s subjective. It also can be difficult to practice proper etiquette on the street when someone takes offense to you photographing them. While I certainly don’t have all the answers, I have done quite a bit of street photography and share my personal take on street photography etiquette …

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35mm vs 50mm Street Photography: Choosing the Right Focal Length

Trying to decide between 35mm and 50mm lenses for street photography isn’t an easy decision for many photographers. After all, there are many examples of excellent street photographers who have shot with 35mm lenses and the same goes for 50mm lenses. Ultimately, one isn’t ‘better’ than the other; it comes down to your personal preference …

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50mm Street Photography: Is it a Good Focal Length for You?

Street photography image at a bus stop shot with a 50mm lens

50mm lenses may not be the most used lenses for street photography (at least in today’s day and age), but they are commonly used and this focal length may resonate with you. It’s really not a focal length you can overlook when it comes to shooting street photography. It’s worth trying out even if you …

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8 Reasons Why 28mm Street Photography Works So Well

Street photography image shot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with a 28mm lens

It depends on where you’re at in your street photography journey, but it’s likely you’ve heard that 28mm is a common focal length among street photographers. But why is that—why would so many street photography greats and enthusiasts alike have such an affection for 28mm street photography? Well, as with anything in photography, these things …

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