31 Event Photography Hashtags for More Event Gigs

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If you’re an event photographer, you know the hustle it takes to get consistent event photography work — it can be a grind. One of the easy ways you can get work is by adding event photography hashtags to social media when you publish your work.

It may not lead to a huge flow of leads, but a small flow of leads is always good and you’ll gain followers, which is good social proof.

On this page, you’ll find the best event photography hashtags for getting your work noticed more.

Best Event Photography Hashtags

  1. #EventPhotography
  2. #EventPhotographer
  3. #EventPhoto
  4. #EventPhotos
  5. #EventPhotograph
  6. #EventPhotographs
  7. #EventPhotographyWorkshop
  8. #EventPhotographyAwards
  9. #CorporateEventPhotography
  10. #CorporateEventsPhotography
  11. #EventPhotographyTalkShow
  12. #EventPhotographyPrices
  13. #EventPhotographyWorkflow
  14. #SpecialEventPhotography
  15. #MagicEventPhotography
  16. #PrivateEventPhotography
  17. #PrivateEventPhotographer
  18. #Event
  19. #Events
  20. #EventsPhotography
  21. #PhotographyEvent
  22. #EventingPhotography
  23. #LiveEventPhotography
  24. #PhotoShoot
  25. #Party
  26. #PartyPhotographer
  27. #PartyPhotographers
  28. #PartyPhotographerAtYourService
  29. #PartyPhotographerForHire
  30. #ConcertPhotography
  31. #CommercialPhotography

Add Location to Your Hashtags

It’s important to add the location that you’re based out of or where you shot the images you’re posting so that people in the area can more easily find your work and potentially hire you. You can use hashtags like #London, or #EventPhotographerLondon for adding your location. Just be sure to find several location-specific hashtags to what you post, as each area is different and will have specific hashtags that work for that area.


Hashtags are great for getting your event photography noticed by potential clients in your area. It’s an easy thing you can do to gain some traction here and there.

Just don’t neglect your other marketing channels, such as PPC ads, Facebook ads targeted for your area, and local SEO.

If you do photography other than events and would like to promote that too using hashtags, check out our article The Best Photography Hashtags for Every Genre.

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