How to Get Into Wedding Photography [A Guide for Beginners]

Image from far away showing an outdoor wedding reception at a barn showing how to get into wedding photography

Wedding photography is one of those industries that can seem daunting to the beginner photographer. There is so much pressure to not only perform to a high standard but you also have to learn to cut through the noise of all the other wedding photographers to get to your ideal clients. I didn’t start out …

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What Does a Wedding Photography Assistant Do?

image showing a bunch of camera equipment to show what does a wedding photography assistant do

If you’re thinking about getting into wedding photography or being an assistant, you might be wondering what a wedding photography assistant does. Some wedding photographers don’t even use them but they are sort of the unsung heroes of the wedding photography world, people who have a hand in greatly increasing the quality of photography for …

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How to Find Wedding Photography Assistant Jobs

image example of some wedding rings on a wet surface for blog post about how to find wedding photography assistant jobs

Wedding photography is not rocket science, although it’s certainly not easy and comes with a lot of responsibility. So in my opinion, if you’re looking to get a job as a second shooter, you should actually work as a wedding photography assistant first and get your foot in the door that way.

It lets you get a behind the scenes look at how a wedding photographer operates throughout a wedding day. You’ll pick up some technical wedding photography skills along the way as well as how a wedding photographer interacts with their clients and subjects.

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Why Wedding Photographers Use Two Cameras

image showing a wedding photographer using two cameras

If you’ve been to a wedding as a guest, you might have noticed the wedding photographer using two cameras. So why do wedding photographers use two cameras? I’m sure there are plenty of photographers out there who have other reasons for shooting with two cameras, but my two main ones are: -1. Focal length versatilityAnd-2. …

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