A Guide to Thanksgiving Photography

An image of a turkey and a Thanksgiving table set to show an example of Thanksgiving photography

Ah, Thanksgiving – who doesn’t love getting together with family you haven’t seen in a year to argue over politics?

Regardless of your political affiliation, doing Thanksgiving photography is not only a cool way to show how your family grows from year to year but also gives you some good shots to choose form if you like to make Christmas cards.

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How to Do Halloween Photography

a nice image of some pumpkins around halloween time

If you’ve been doing photography for any amount of time, I think we can all agree:

Taking photos at night or in dark environments can be really tricky.

And when it comes to Halloween photography, we all know that the real fun happens after the sun goes down and things get dark and spooky. So are there some things we can do to help us get proper exposures on those dark Halloween nights?

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