Best Camera Settings for Stars

Image of a river with a lit up bridge and the Milky Way in the background

When done right, a photograph of a starry night sky is awe-inspiring and is capable of reminding the viewer of the infinite nature of space and their place within it. But many photographers, maybe even you yourself, come away from the experience of trying to photograph the stars extremely disappointed. It’s not uncommon to botch …

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What White Balance to Use for Night Photography

Photo of the New York City skyline and the lights from the building being reflected in water as an example of white balance for night sky photography

First of all, there are many different settings you’ll want to be familiar with before going out to shoot the stars. You can certainly check out my article on “Nightscape Photography,” to see some of this information, but there are many other sources to learn this information. Most importantly though, photography in general, and certainly …

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