Mastering Cityscape Photography Settings

Cityscape of a Paris street

A striking cityscape… is one where the composition is unique and the exposure is excellent (where the full latitude of the sensor or the film stock is utilized). I can’t ensure that your compositions will be jaw-dropping, but I can give you some guidelines/suggestions so your exposure does all it can to make your images …

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Creative Portrait Photography: Adding a Unique Twist to Portraits

Image of a pinhole portrait

Creative portrait photography comes in many forms. From a simple touch of color grading for a more cinematic look to elaborate post-work creating a contemporary piece of conceptual art, the umbrella is huge and the sky of imagination is the limit. In the end it’s all about adding a little, or more depth to your …

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Camera Settings for Nature Photography: Explanations and Recommendations

An example of creative nature photography; a frog sticking out of a pond on a lily pad with a butterfly on it

Of all the photographic genres, the “nature” niche may be the least specific. After all, just about anything that isn’t man-made fits into this category. Given that, any discussion on camera settings for this type of photography would be pointless, right? Right – and wrong. While you’re certainly not going to use the same settings …

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Best Camera Settings for Stars

Image of a river with a lit up bridge and the Milky Way in the background

When done right, a photograph of a starry night sky is awe-inspiring and is capable of reminding the viewer of the infinite nature of space and their place within it. But many photographers, maybe even you yourself, come away from the experience of trying to photograph the stars extremely disappointed. It’s not uncommon to botch …

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What White Balance to Use for Night Photography

Photo of the New York City skyline and the lights from the building being reflected in water as an example of white balance for night sky photography

First of all, there are many different settings you’ll want to be familiar with before going out to shoot the stars. You can certainly check out my article on “Nightscape Photography,” to see some of this information, but there are many other sources to learn this information. Most importantly though, photography in general, and certainly …

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How to Sell Landscape Photography Work: The Mindset and the Methods

Landscape of a bright green mountain range from up high with the sun shining but with lots of clouds

Would you rather hang out with Mother Nature than photograph people? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Compared to genres like weddings, events and portraiture, landscape photography offers a slower-paced, less stressful and arguably more rewarding experience. Unfortunately, it also means selling your work as art, rather than yourself as a service provider. The general …

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What is Cityscape Photography? Meaning, History & Purpose

Black and white cityscape of a drugstore at night

Light and shadow battling for supremacy in jungles of steel, concrete, glass, and brick… this is the hunting ground for cityscape photography. I say hunting ground because an adroit photographer has no choice but to avoid the oft-photographed and easy “shots” in order to capture the magical parts of a city that are overlooked. Most …

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How to Get Into Wedding Photography [A Guide for Beginners]

Image from far away showing an outdoor wedding reception at a barn showing how to get into wedding photography

Wedding photography is one of those industries that can seem daunting to the beginner photographer. There is so much pressure to not only perform to a high standard but you also have to learn to cut through the noise of all the other wedding photographers to get to your ideal clients. I didn’t start out …

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How to Name and Organize Your Digital Photos [So you Can Keep Your Sanity]

Image of an Apple laptop computer with other organized things around it as a visual for how to name and organize your photos

Naming and organizing your photos is a crucial and often-overlooked part of your workflow as a photographer. It’s a bit tedious, but neglecting this step can make it difficult to locate photos.

The key is to determine what information is important, and then to use it to consistently name your photos and the folders where they are stored.

I will take you through the process I use to name and organize my own photos. If you’re looking to improve your organizational system, perhaps this will help.

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Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners: Capturing Animals in their Natural Environment

wildlife photography image of an alpaca eating in green grass by Nico Rivas

There is a lot more to wildlife photography than just snapping a quick shot of an animal.

Good, attention grabbing wildlife photography tries to capture emotion within the photo and in turn tell a story. This isn’t always easy, as some animals move fast and others you can’t get close to. As a result, your choice of gear is almost as important as your technique in wildlife photography.

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Simple Ways to Improve your Food Photography [To Create Mouth Watering Images]

Image of an oatmeal chocolate chip cranberry cookie shot by Amelia Robertson

Food photography is something we see all the time – on billboards, magazine covers, the television, probably on your social media feeds, too. When done well, food photography can produce enticing, tempting, make-your-mouth-water images. Done poorly, it can produce images that are incredibly unattractive and off-putting. Chances are that if you’ve ever tried your hand …

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What Does a Wedding Photography Assistant Do?

image showing a bunch of camera equipment to show what does a wedding photography assistant do

If you’re thinking about getting into wedding photography or being an assistant, you might be wondering what a wedding photography assistant does. Some wedding photographers don’t even use them but they are sort of the unsung heroes of the wedding photography world, people who have a hand in greatly increasing the quality of photography for …

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How to Find Wedding Photography Assistant Jobs

image example of some wedding rings on a wet surface for blog post about how to find wedding photography assistant jobs

Wedding photography is not rocket science, although it’s certainly not easy and comes with a lot of responsibility. So in my opinion, if you’re looking to get a job as a second shooter, you should actually work as a wedding photography assistant first and get your foot in the door that way.

It lets you get a behind the scenes look at how a wedding photographer operates throughout a wedding day. You’ll pick up some technical wedding photography skills along the way as well as how a wedding photographer interacts with their clients and subjects.

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