Yellow flowers in a flower pot next to a white fence.

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Depth of Field

Brandon BallwegJul 11, 2017

Understanding depth of field is an important part of being able to control the outcome of your images in photography. The look of any given image will be strongly influenced by the depth of field of that image. So in…

A camera mode dial set to shutter priority.

A Guide to Understanding Shutter Priority Mode

Brandon BallwegApr 10, 2017

Shutter priority mode is a semi-automatic camera mode in which the photographer chooses one component of the exposure triangle (shutter speed), the camera takes a meter reading when pointed at a given scene and does the rest of the work…

Aperture blades of a lens opening.

A Guide to Understanding Aperture Priority Mode

Brandon BallwegMar 29, 2017

Getting your exposure right while also achieving the depth of field you’re looking for can be tricky at times, especially if you’ve got to get some exposures off quick or you’re in a hectic situation. Luckily we have several camera…

A camera mode dial set to P mode.

P Mode in Photography: When and How to Use it

Brandon BallwegFeb 20, 2017

Just got your first camera and wondering what that ‘P’ on your mode dial is? Understanding program mode is one of the first steps in the natural evolution of getting out of auto mode and learning to take control of…

Image of a camera's mode dial set to auto, or automatic mode

Auto Mode in Photography: What’s Happening Under the Hood?

Brandon BallwegJan 24, 2017

Auto mode in photography is pretty self-explanatory, right? You just turn the camera on, point at what you want to take a picture of and click away. But what’s happening under the hood when we’re shooting in auto mode is…

Image showing high ISO in photography of New York cityscape at night

ISO in Photography [A Complete Guide]

Brandon BallwegJan 22, 2017

In photography, ISO is a measurement of how sensitive a given film or camera sensor is to light. ISO is named after the International Standards Organization, an organization that determines and sets the standards for measurement for this sensitivity. Originally,…

Shutter speed

Understanding Shutter Speed

Brandon BallwegDec 31, 2016

Shutter speed, along with aperture and ISO are the three components that make up the exposure triangle. In this article, I’ll do my best to put shutter speed in as simple a terms as I can. First of all, what…

Picture of a lens with a focus on its small aperture

Aperture in Photography: Explained in Simple Terms

Brandon BallwegDec 27, 2016

Aperture makes up part of what I like to think of as the exposure triangle, the other two components being shutter speed and ISO. In this article I’ll focus on what is aperture in photography and how it affects photographs.…

Guy shooting a landscape photo in the middle of a desert canyon

Best Photography Websites From Around the Web

Brandon BallwegDec 20, 2016

When it comes to photography, you can learn pretty much everything you need to know on the Internet—for free. The thing is, though, is that all the photography information is spread out all over the Internet, making it hard to…

Landscape picture taken from high vantage point of river on sunny cloudy day

The Best Nikon Lenses for Landscape Photography

Brandon BallwegNov 28, 2016

In my opinion, lens selection for landscape photography is a lot less subjective than other types of photography. What I mean by that is that other types of photography give you more leeway for choosing to use a lens based…

An image of a turkey and a Thanksgiving table set to show an example of Thanksgiving photography

Thanksgiving Photography: A Guide to Taking Great Thanksgiving Photos

Brandon BallwegNov 12, 2016

Ah, Thanksgiving – who doesn’t love getting together with family you haven’t seen in a year to argue over politics? Regardless of your political affiliation, doing Thanksgiving photography is not only a cool way to show how your family grows…

Image showing a bunch of Nikon lenses for article about the best Nikon DX lenses

Best Nikon DX Lenses: Top Picks for Crop-Sensor Nikon Cameras

Brandon BallwegNov 3, 2016

When it comes to buying DX lenses, the choices unfortunately aren’t all that clearly laid out. By that I mean there are almost too many options and there so many lenses with overlapping focal lengths that it’s hard to know…

a nice image of some pumpkins around halloween time

Halloween Photography: A Spooky Guide for Getting Great Shots

Brandon BallwegOct 29, 2016

If you’ve been doing photography for any amount of time, I think we can all agree: Taking photos at night or in dark environments can be really tricky. And when it comes to Halloween photography, we all know that the…

featured image of the best nikon lenses for portrait photography

Best Nikon Portrait Lenses: 9 Top Picks

Brandon BallwegOct 28, 2016

There is no “perfect” portrait lens. And contrary to what some may try to make you believe, there’s no one lens you HAVE to have. There’s more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to portrait photography…

A collection of camera lenses laid out on a table upside down.

The 7 Best Nikon Lenses for Weddings (Both FX and DX)

Brandon BallwegOct 25, 2016

With so many options to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to narrow down the best lenses for wedding photography if you’re a Nikon shooter. When I was first starting out, I got it in my head…

picture of the Nikon d750 from the front with the body cap on

The Best Lenses for the Nikon D750

Brandon BallwegOct 19, 2016

If you’re looking for the best lenses for the Nikon D750, it’s probably safe to assume that you already know what a powerful camera this is. It’s fast to focus, has incredible dynamic range, a nice big full-frame sensor, and…

Image of a camera in someone's hand to start out guide on how to take photos

Beginner Photography: How to Take Pictures Like a Pro

Brandon BallwegOct 12, 2016

When it comes to starting out at the beginner photography level, the amount of information you need to learn can be overwhelming at first. It can seem that there is so much to take in that you don’t know where…

Amazon product image of the Ricoh GR camera

Ricoh GR Review: Best Street Photography Camera?

Brandon BallwegSep 13, 2016

To start off this Ricoh GR review, I think it’s safe to say on behalf of photographers everywhere: The smaller our camera, the more likely we are to take it with us. Well, that’s where the Ricoh GR, with its…

The Fujifilm x100s.

Fujifilm x100s Review: Still Worth Using?

Brandon BallwegSep 12, 2016

The Fujifilm x100s’ fixed lens, a Fujinon 23mm f/2, is just about as good as it gets for 35mm equivalent focal length lenses (due to the crop factor on APS-C lenses, it has a 35mm field of view). My experience…

The Nikon 35mm f2D lens.

Nikon 35mm f2D Review: An Underrated Nikon DSLR Lens

Brandon BallwegSep 1, 2016

The Nikon AF Nikkor 35mm f/2D Lens is a lens that I hold near and dear to my heart because of how it was there for me during the beginning of my wedding photography career when I needed a wide…