A photographer using two DSLR cameras on straps.

Why Wedding Photographers Use Two Cameras

Brandon BallwegNov 16, 2017

If you’ve been to a wedding as a guest, you might have noticed the wedding photographer using two cameras. So why do wedding photographers use two cameras? I’m sure there are plenty of photographers out there who have other reasons for shooting with two cameras, but my two main ones are: -1. Focal length versatilityAnd-2. Speed Let’s take a look at each of them. Focal Length Versatility In wedding photography…

A landscape of a rocky canyon with warm light.

Should You Go Full Frame?

Brandon BallwegNov 8, 2017

There’s a lot to like about cameras with full frame sensors: they have excellent image quality, work well in low light situations and are capable of producing shallower a depth of field than digital cameras with smaller sensors. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that a full frame camera is the…

A DSLR hanging from a neck strep on a woman wearing a red coat.

What Are DSLR Cameras Good For?

Brandon BallwegNov 7, 2017

At one point, DSLR cameras had all the advantages in their favor. But as of this writing in November 2017, the advantages that DSLRs once had over mirrorless cameras has dwindled significantly. But regardless of how mirrorless camera technology has improved in recent years, DSLR cameras still have a lot…

A lightbulb with warm light.

What is the “Bokeh” Effect in Photography?

Brandon BallwegNov 7, 2017

Out of all the photography concepts, “bokeh” is one of the most talked about and controversial. It’s one of those things in photography that excites both new and experienced photographers alike. 1169

A monkey eating fruit.

The Blurred Background Effect in Photography

Brandon BallwegNov 7, 2017

If you’ve paid close attention to pictures before, you’ve probably noticed that some have a lot in focus whereas others it’s the opposite, resulting in a blurred background effect. This blurred background effect, also known as “bokeh” among photographers, named after the Japanese word for “blur” can be done in…

An old Coronet film camera and leather case on a wood table.

Photography Categories List for Photographic Inspiration

Brandon BallwegNov 3, 2017

We all need a starting point or some inspiration at times when it comes to photography. So whether you’re starting out and want to know what types of photography you could do or you need a spark to get you motivated to try out a new form of photography, this…

A woman in a gray coat holding a camera with Big Ben and a bridge in the background.

What is a Candid Picture?

Brandon BallwegNov 2, 2017

If you’re new to photography, you may be asking yourself, “what is a candid picture?” Many of us have known inherently what a candid picture is for most of our lives because we’ve heard the expression before but that’s not the case for everyone. 1153

A dark golden retriever in front of an American flag.

Depth of Field Camera Settings

Brandon BallwegNov 2, 2017

Choosing a depth of field and a corresponding aperture may not be so apparent when first starting out in photography but ultimately it’s fairly straightforward. This article is broken up into two sections on how to choose depth of field camera settings. 1148

A woman with her black hair in a braid to the side.

5 Tips for Indoor Photography: Making Bland Light Look Great

Brandon BallwegNov 1, 2017

If you’ve ever photographed indoors, you’ve probably noticed that your photos don’t turn out as good as when you photograph in nice bright outdoor light, especially at the golden hour. The reason being is that there’s less light indoors than outdoors—a lot less. The results can be disappointing, as things…

A corner of a narrow brick building.

How to Make Images Sharper

Brandon BallwegOct 25, 2017

If you’re new to photography, making images sharper may seem like a daunting task. However, it’s actually really easy and once you learn how to consistently make images sharper, your photography can improve dramatically. There are generally two ways of making images sharper, and that’s what we’ll discuss in this…

The face of a tabby cat with light green eyes.

What Does ‘Shallow Depth of Field’ Mean?

Brandon BallwegOct 5, 2017

If you’re getting started in photography you might have heard the terms ‘depth of field’ or ‘shallow depth of field’ thrown around. 1131

A photographer wearing a black backwards cap taking a portrait of a main standing in front of a white sports car.

3 Easy Bounce Flash Techniques to Improve Your Flash Photography

Brandon BallwegSep 29, 2017

If bouncing light in photography is a foreign concept to you, it may seem complicated at first. But bounce flash techniques are actually extremely simple and can significantly improve the aesthetic results of your flash photography. 1127

A light-colored wood surface with green plants and a laptop.

5 Indoor Photography Tips Without Flash

Brandon BallwegSep 27, 2017

Doing photography indoors without a flash can be tricky. You may not have a flash handy or just want a natural light look. However, shooting without a flash indoors presents us with some issues as photographers because there’s less light present than when you’re out in open sunlight but we’re…

A dark-haired woman from the waist up.

2 Simple Steps to Blur the Background of a Picture Using Just Your Camera

Brandon BallwegSep 26, 2017

I think it’s safe to say that pictures with blurred backgrounds can be extremely impressive and inspiring. I know that a lot of photographers just starting out assume that it’s done in post-processing in Photoshop or whatever. But there’s a far better way to achieve a blurred background than by…

An out of focus crowd of people at an event.

3 Reasons Why Your Pictures are Blurry

Brandon BallwegSep 23, 2017

It can be annoying to have your pictures turn out blurry and not know the reason why. The good news is that there are only a few reasons why photos turn out blurry, so it’s easy to correct course by by adjusting some aspect of how you’re using your camera.…

A bride putting her hand on the groom's cheek while wedding attendees applaud.

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Photography: What You Should Know Before Taking that First Wedding Job

Brandon BallwegSep 22, 2017

Are you just getting started in wedding photography and looking for a resource to walk you through the ins and outs of shooting an entire wedding day? Or perhaps you’ve been shooting or second shooting wedding photography and want to fill in some of those gaps in your overall strategy.…

Closeup of the Nikon SB-700 flash.

Nikon SB-700 Review: A Solid Mid-Range Flash

Brandon BallwegAug 15, 2017

The Nikon SB-700 is Nikon’s mid-tiered flash, in terms of size, overall features, and price. Nikon positions it as a flash for amateur photographers, but can be used professionally, albeit with maybe some added accessories. In terms of my own assessment of this flash, overall I do like it and…

A black iPhone 7 Plus outside in natural light.

iPhone 7 Plus Review [REAL WORLD REVIEW]

Brandon BallwegJul 21, 2017

The iPhone 7 Plus is Apple’s current iteration of their phablet-sized iPhone, albeit one that is rumored to be replaced in here in a couple months in September 2017. The iPhone 7 Plus is the cell phone that I’m currently using for the time being and a big reason I…

A DSLR and cellphone on a wood table.

DSLR Vs. Mirrorless in Photography: Which Should you Choose?

Brandon BallwegJul 19, 2017

The DSLR vs mirrorless debate has been going on for several years now in the digital photography industry. While in the past the choice between the two was obvious for professional photographers, the two are on far more equal footing today. Up until recent years, mirrorless was not a viable…

Yellow flowers in a flower pot next to a white fence.

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Depth of Field

Brandon BallwegJul 11, 2017

Understanding depth of field is an important part of being able to control the outcome of your images in photography. The look of any given image will be strongly influenced by the depth of field of that image. So in order to be able to consistently have control over your…